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SQUEAKY CLEAN: The Farm Shampoo

Just came back from a short vacation at The Farm, San Benito, Batangas. It was very relaxing… The Farm is a spa and wellness center tucked within the forest of Batangas. I didn’t think that I would bring home any goodies from there, but, alas! I have found my perfect shampoo!!!

The Farm Shampoo is made from coconuts, right within the complex, I believe. This shampoo was part of the toiletries kit in our bathroom. I tried it the first day, and I just fell in love! My hair was squeaky clean, and it didn’t become oily towards the end of the day. (That’s usually my problem with shampoos… My hair is very fine, and any excess moisturizer or conditioner makes my hair oily and limp :( I found another shampoo that I like, but I’ll blog about that in a different post.) Anyway, I searched the gift shop for the shampoo, but they didn’t sell it commercially. Finally, as we were settling the bill, I had mentioned my concern to the front desk, and to my delight, they accommodated my request to buy shampoo!!! I was ecstatic, and my wonderful husband bought me 5 liters of shampoo!!! Woohoo!!!

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